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Welcome Remarks
Halle Goodwin, MSOL, NW Parkinson’s Regional Director Inland NW | Spokane, WA

Inspirational Keynote 
Nan Little, PhD | Seattle, WA 

Breakout Sessions

ABCs of a Doctor Visit 
Tzachi Litov, Washington State Health Advocacy Association | Bellevue, WA

Non-Motor Symptoms: Psychosis & Hallucinations in Parkinson’s  
Dr. Cong Zhi Zhao, St. Luke’s Neurology | Boise, ID 

DBS – New Developments 
Dr. Jonathan Carlson, MD, Inland Neurosurgery and Spine | Spokane, WA


Living with Parkinson’s in the Age of COVID 
Dr. Jason Aldred, MD, FAAN, Selkirk Neurology | Spokane, WA 

Disease Modifying Parkinson’s Trials 
Dr. Jason Aldred, MD, FAAN, Inland Northwest Research | Spokane, WA

Research & Clinical Trials 
Dr. Pinky Agarwal, MD, FAAN, Evergreen Neurosciences | Kirkland, WA

Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine 
Laurie Mischley, ND, Bastyr University | Kenmore, WA

Programs for People Living with Dementia
Allyson Schrier, MFA, Zinnia TV | Issaquah, WA

Movement Breaks

Yoga for Parkinson’s
Renee Le Verrier

Irene Pasternack

Tai Chi
Jane Arsham

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Yoga with Renee Le Verrier

Feldenkrais with Irene Pasternack

Tai Chi with Jane Arsham

Tai Chi 2 with Jane Arsham

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Virtual Exhibit Hall

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